EBAL Platform
  •   Preclinical tests in laboratory animals
  •   Production of genetically modified mice and fish models
  •   Protein Study: Proteome Analysis
  •   Molecular study: Detection of mutations in genes
  •   Molecular study: Molecular study of polymorphisms
  •   Studies for commercial release of transgenic potato plants tolerant to potato virus Y (PVY) infection
  •   Evaluation of research projects in Agrobiotechnology
  •   Evaluation of research projects in environmental biotechnology
  •   Molecular diagnosis of Chagas disease: qualitative determination of Trypanosoma cruzi DNA
  •   Molecular diagnosis of Chagas disease: quantitative PCR for determination of parasite load for Trypanosoma cruzi
  •   Molecular study for non-syndromic neurosensory hearing loss, initial panel, frequent mutations
  •   Production of lentiviral vectors suitable for in vitro transduction
  •   Production of lentiviral vectors of high concentration suitable for in vitro and in vivo transduction
  •   Application of molecular ecology techniques for the monitoring of methane oxidizing bacteria