In the Genetics and Molecular Evolution Laboratory we investigate the genetic bases of primate brain evolution and of the mammalian inner ear.

Lab Members

Lic. Lara Berasain
Doctoral Fellow CONICET

Lic. Leandro Caporale
Doctoral Fellow ANPCyT

Lic. Alejandro Cinalli
Doctoral Fellow CONICET

Lic. Matias Stopiello
Doctoral Fellow CONICET

Lic. Anabella Trigila
Doctoral Fellow CONICET

Catalina Gonda
Tesista de Licenciatura


Genomic approaches to studying human-specific developmental traits.
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Can a few non-coding mutations make a human brain?
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Ex Lab Members

Dra. Gretel Betiana Kamm

Lic. Milena Rosenzvit

Dr. Francisco Pisciottano