We study the participation of various genes in appetitive behaviors using a molecular and functional genetics approach. In particular we are studying the role of the dopamine D2 receptor and the proopiomelanocortin genes interrogating the effect of different mutations in mice and zebrafish.

Lab Members

Dr. Flavio de Souza
Investigator Adjunct CONICET

Dra. Daniela Paula Orquera
Postdoctoral Fellow CONICET

Lic. Rodrigo Casas Cordero
Doctoral Fellow CONICET

Lic. Eric Casey
Doctoral Fellow CONICET

Lic. Daniela Rojo
Doctoral Fellow CONICET

María Agustina Villa
Doctoral Fellow CONICET

M. Belén Tavella
Agency Fellow

Lic. Clara Hael
Doctoral Fellow CONICET

Carolina Alvarez
Assistant Technician CONICET


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*: autores co-responsables

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*: igual contribución

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*: autores co-responsables

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*: Estos dos autores contribuyeron igualmente.

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Ex Lab Members

Juan Isaac Young. Doctor en Ciencias Biológicas, FCEyN, UBA (1998)
Marcelo Guido Cerdán. Doctor en Ciencias Biológicas, FCEyN, UBA. (1999)
Natalia V. De Marco. Licenciada en Ciencias Biológicas, FCEyN, UBA.(1999)
Verónica Otero. Doctora en Ciencias Biológicas, FCEyN, UBA. (2000)
Sebastián Kraves. Licenciado en Ciencias Biológicas, FCEyN, UBA. (2000)
Tomás Falzone. Doctor en Ciencias Biológicas, FCEyN, UBA. (2002)
Diego Matías Gelman. Doctor en Ciencias Biológicas, FCEyN, UBA. (2003)
María Elena Avale. Doctora en Ciencias Biológicas, FCEyN, UBA (2004)
Andrea Mariana Santangelo. Doctora en Ciencias Biológicas, FCEyN, UBA. (2006)
Viviana Florencia Bumaschny. Doctora en Medicina. Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Buenos Aires. (2006)
Sergio Iván Nemirovsky. Doctor en Ciencias Biológicas. FCEyN, UBA. (2008)
Hugo Roa-Rojas. Bioquímico de la Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia, Chile.(2008)
Daniela Clara Noaín. Doctora en Ciencias Biológicas. FCEyN, UBA. (2008)
Marcela Peper. Doctora en Ciencias Biológicas. FCEyN, UBA. (2009)
María Inés Pérez-Millán. Doctora en Ciencias Biológicas. FCEyN, UBA. (2010)
Hernán Pérez. Licenciado en Ciencias Biológicas. FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires (2010)
Rodrigo López-Leal. Doctor en Ciencias Mención Biología, Universidad Austral de Chile. (2012)
Estefanía Pilar Bello. Doctora en Ciencias Biológicas. FCEyN, UBA. (2012)
Sofía Nasif. Doctora en Ciencias Biológicas. FCEyN, UBA (2014)
Juan Ramiro Lorenzo López. Doctor en Ciencias Biológicas. FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires (2015)

  • Superior Investigator CONICET.
  • Associate Professor, DFBMC, FCEyN, UBA.
  • Acting Director, INGEBI.
  • Undergraduate degree in Chemistry, FCEyN, UBA. 1986.
  • Ph. D. in Chemistry, UBA. 1989.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Vollum Institute, Oregon Health & Sciences University, EEUU. 1990 – 1993.
  • Member of the Career of the Investigator CONICET Argentina. 1993.
  • Adjunct Professor, FCEyN, UBA. 1994.
  • International Research Scholar Howard Hughes Medical Institute. 1997 – 2012.
  • Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. 2002.
  • Chairman of the Dept. Physiology, Molecular and Cellular Biology DFBMC, FCEyN, UBA. 2010 – 2012.
  • Superior Investigator, CONICET Argentina. 2012 – Cont.
  • Adjunct Professor , Dept. Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Michigan, EEUU. 2013 – Cont.
  • Prize in Biology. The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). 2014.
  • Associate Professor , DFBMC, FCEyN, UBA. 2015.
  • Acting Director , INGEBI, CONICET Argentina. 2015 – Cont.
  • International Scientific Advisory Board of the International Clinical Research Center, St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic. 2015 – Cont.
  • Elected member of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). 2016.
  • Elected member of the Academy of Sciences of Latin America (ACAL). 2017.